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Looking for an efficient workout that delivers powerful results?

ProEdge Kettlebells is your source for achieving athleticism for life—functional strength, strength endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, core strength, dynamic balance, agility, mobility, quickness, and mental focus. Without spending your life in a gym.

We specialize in innovative, dynamic training with a variety of effective tools—including the kettlebell. Which gives you the freedom and flexibility to train anytime, anywhere. Our philosophy is simple: Play hard and get strong. So you can live adventurously!

"Life can be an adventure—but only if you’re fit enough to participate. Otherwise, it’s just drudgery."

—Gus Petersen, owner
ProEdge Kettlebells

"I had always been curious about kettlebell juggling but had never had any serious coaching. To say I was impressed with Gus and his K.A.T. juggling is an understatement. It was some of the most challenging and fun training I have ever done. The amount of hand-eye coordination, FOCUS and quickness that are needed is off the charts!!!"

—Franz Snideman, Owner of FS Athletics, San Diego, CA

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