Why kettlebells?

At ProEdge Kettlebells, we firmly believe that effective fitness training must be efficient, convenient, and fun. Above all, it has to deliver results. That’s why the kettlebell is our training tool of choice.

Results you can see and feel
Kettlebell training delivers fast, life-enhancing results, including:

  • Dramatic strength gains without excessive bulk
  • Healthy, lasting weight loss
  • Markedly increased aerobic capacity
  • Dramatically increased core strength
  • Improved dynamic balance
  • Greater endurance
  • Outstanding protection against sports injuries (and faster recovery)
  • Improved mental focus
  • Enhanced sports performance.

Mobility and versatility: a winning combination for life on the fly
The kettlebell is a mobile gym you can take with you anywhere. The versatility of the kettlebell lends itself to an almost endless variety of training techniques that can hit strength, cardio, flexibility, mobility and agility in one efficient, all-encompassing workout. Kettlebell training integrates:

  • Olympic power lifting principles
  • Dynamic ballistic movements
  • Weighted, yoga-type strength exercises
  • Athletic throws, flips and K.A.T juggling moves.

More like sport, less like work
Kettlebell training is widely referred to as the “martial art of strength training,” both because of the depth of technique it offers and the mental focus it demands. The mental aspect adds an element of challenge that turns workouts into a game. And that’s where your training program becomes more about fun, and less about drudgery.

"Kettlebell training feels more like sport and less like work, with dynamic, highly-athletic
techniques that challenge you both mentally and physically. That eliminates the boredom factor and can deliver a high-quality, efficient, comprehensive workout in 20 to 40 minutes."

—Gus Petersen, owner, ProEdge Kettlebells

Far from a flash-in-the pan fitness fad, kettlebell training has a rich history and a proven track record. It’s been a mainstay of Russian strength training for hundreds of years. Learn more about the history of kettlebell training.

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