Kettlebell workshops

In addition to private and semi-private training, ProEdge Kettlebells offers classes and workshops in traditional “hard-style” kettlebell training and our exclusive Kettlebell Athletic Training (K.A.T.) system of kettlebell juggling. Contact or call 303-594-9693 if you are interested in attending one of the workshops below or scheduling a workshop near you.

Current workshops

No workshops scheduled at this time; check back soon for our upcoming lineup!

Learn more about K.A.T. workshops

Read a blog on the K.A.T. workshop hosted by Five Points Academy in New York City.

"Five Points Academy hosted a K.A.T. Workshop at East River Park in NYC. This was an extremely fun and rewarding event. The K.A.T. system reminds me of Primal Move in that it feels like you're playing the whole time. You don't realize how much work you've put in until you stop. We all left this workshop spent and smiling. I know what you're thinking ... 'kettlebell juggling is crazy ... you'll kill yourself.' I heard a lot of that leading up to this workshop. Then you get there and within 30 minutes Gus and Karen have you flipping bells with your eyes closed. Gus has created such an amazing series of progressions that all apprehension dissipates immediately. Everyone performed beyond their expectations!"

—Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner, SFG II, RKC II, CICS, CK-FMS, DVRT Master Instructor, Brooklyn, New York

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