Gus Petersen, owner of ProEdge Kettlebells

Throughout my 30+ year coaching career, I have always gravitated toward unconventional training methods. So I was intrigued when I stumbled upon an article about kettlebell training in 2003. Quickly convinced that the training methods espoused by former Soviet Spetsnaz trainer Pavel Tsatsouline were the most effective way to build the kind of functional, core strength that translates most directly to real-life tasks and athletic endeavors, I purchased my first set of kettlebells in early 2004.

Within six weeks, I was sold.

In 2010, I produced a series of instructional DVDs featuring the Kettlebell Athletic Training (K.A.T.) Fitness System, a complete system of original kettlebell juggling techniques that I developed. Over the past 8 years, I have seen the innovative mix of juggling moves that make up the K.A.T. system challenge all of my students physically and mentally while developing tremendous athleticism and neuroplasticity. This system has infused my students with a whole new level of passion for the art of kettlebell training. I attribute that not only to the play and athleticism involved, but also to the effficiency with which K.A.T. has enabled them to achieve outstanding results across the board.

Today, I use kettlebells with all my students, male and female, ranging in age from 16 to 78. Because I believe training should be fun and I have experienced the profound physical and neurological benefits of play firsthand, I also incorporate Indian Clubs, Escrima/Arnis, Primal Move mobility/bodyweight training, and the IndoBoard balance trainer. And the results my students have experienced have been profound as well. I look forward to helping you create a customized training program that will improve your health and athletic performance, increase your resilience, and enhance your quality of life for many years to come.

"I’ve never seen anything like the excitement generated by kettlebells. This age-old art has infused my students with a level of passion I’ve never seen before. I attribute that to the amazing results they have achieved across the board in terms of strength, flexibility, joint mobility, and weight loss.

"Personally, I can honestly say I'm as strong at 59 as I’ve ever been, and the gains I’ve made in endurance, flexibility, and joint mobility have dramatically improved my performance in every athletic endeavor, from rock climbing to skiing to hiking."

—Gus Petersen, owner, ProEdge Kettlebells

Instructor certifications
• Master K.A.T. instructor
• Primal Move instructor
• Certified Indian Club Specialist (CICS)
• A.A.S., Sports Medicine Technology

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